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From monolith to microservices – an architect’s first-hand account

Following my first post on this blog last month I was invited to do some writing directly on MuleSoft's blog site.

My first post for them "From monolith to microservices – an architect’s first-hand account" has now been published - you can find it at


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My current workplace is in the process of shifting services from another ESB implementation to MuleSoft's platform and has already re-written a number of services in a "like-for-like" process - that is, the MuleSoft implementation is as close to a copy/paste of the old implementation as possible, without bug fixes or improvements. While this might sound odd to some, it's part of the bigger plan - first a seamless transition to Mule then enhancements, fixes and optimisations.

As part of this transition, one such service - a search service - has already been migrated. This service provides functionality to support a web application, allowing its users to search for information in real time.

Recently I was asked to have a look at the performance of the search. Even though a like-for-like implementation had been provided, in some cases the search was timing out after 30 seconds - and this is not ideal for a synchronous service which has a user waiting for the results.